About the Heat

JR | Connect To Your Bliss

Yoga practices were developed in hot climates and the heat provides many benefits.  Some of yoga’s effectiveness is attributed to doing it in a warm environment.  The heat:

  • detoxifies body tissues
  • hydrates your skin
  • cleans your pores
  • makes your body more loose and flexible
  • enables the opening of your joints
  • focuses the mind
  • increases circulation and blood flow throughout your body

The heat allows your body to become more open and pliable so you move more easily through your poses. We use radiant heat in our studio because it heats your body, not the air. Our heat comes from the floor and as it rises, it passes upwards through your body as you flow through your practice. Your body slowly warms until you are engulfed in a healthy sweat, hydrating your skin and cleaning your pores.

Grateful to Share Radiant Heat

Radiant heat is more efficient than forced air heating. It is more reliable, more consistent and less costly than the alternatives. We’re pleased with the performance with this technology and grateful we can share its benefits with our yoga community.