Jai Rhythm Mission: To inspire and generate excitement within the practice of yoga and creative movement. To connect our community to the vibrant pulse of life. To increase and unify social consciousness and environmental stewardship.


Jai Rhythm is led by Colin Brightfield and Rob Hess. Colin Brightfield started Jai Rhythm in Ventura by offering donation yoga classes in Marina Park in Pierpont for a year. The community around Jai Rhythm began to grow, and more donation classes were created in neighborhood houses by generous supporters. Colin began working on plans to open the studio to give this new yoga community a permanent home at the WAV(Working Artists Ventura) complex in downtown Ventura, California. The studio opened on July 19, 2013.

Colin and Rob created Jai Rhythm because they see a need for more community driven yoga programs that advocate creativity.  They believe yoga is enhanced with music as a means to elevate the spirit and frequently host events where this belief is put into practice.

Combining music with yoga came easily as both Rob and Colin share a passion for music. Colin has experience leading yoga to live music in various venues and enjoys connecting movement to rhythm in all forms from breakdancing to a sweaty vinyasa flow sequence. Colin also makes time to study philosophy and practice being in the flow on his surfboard in the ocean.

Rob has been a leader in the Prana flow yoga community for years. Rob’s classes focus on energetic sequencing to coordinate the movement of the breath with the rhythm of the music. He is respected for his progressive style of teaching, challenging and liberating classes and workshops, and his blend of rigor and humor. Colin brings his experience in power yoga and vinyasa together with his love of wisdom and open heart. Colin’s classes are a celebration of the light in each of us.

Together, Colin and Rob are leaders in a movement towards awareness, commitment to excellence, sharing positivity and passion to create experiences of presence, celebration, and inspiration. At Jai Rhythm, we hope that by living to our fullest, we can inspire you to be triumphant in your own life.


Jai Rhythm Generates:



We create excitement around the practice of yoga and demonstrate how fun the practice can be in a community. We host special workshops that feature yoga and live music, events with yoga, music and gourmet food, regional and international residential yoga retreats.



We provide pathways for people to progress in their practice with opportunities for challenge and leadership. We support practices that bring results and transformation. We understand that there is more to wellness than getting on your yoga mat, that there is incredible amount of wellness gained from creative expression, developing rewarding relationships, and connecting to people in a community. We help people shift their perspectives about what is possible.



We advocate for creative approaches in teaching and offerings for the community. We understand the value of creative pursuits for the health of an individual and emphasize the power of creativity for therapy to liberate people to express who they are and what they want in life. We create many ways to stay inspired in your practice by having fun.



Our classes are vigorous and promote peak performance and health. We advocate being healthy in all aspects of life. We show up with energy and share our passion with others. We love what we do and are dedicated believers in human potential.

Jai Rhythm Creates:


Swell Jam

A yoga and live music community event featuring a yoga class with live music followed by a picnic with a concert

Baja Yoga and Surf Retreat

A week of rejuvenation and play at the eco luxury ocean side resort Prana del Mar near Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Workshops and Intensives

Longer practice sessions focused on a specific area of practice or study, practical hands on demonstrations

Yoga Practices with Live Music and Art

Special yoga classes featuring live music or live DJs

Guest Teachers and Presenters

Experienced teachers and experts in their field invited to present at the studio

Swell Jam Supper

An enchanting and elegant evening of yoga, organic cuisine, and local art and music