Our Story

Jai Rhythm Yoga came about when Colin Brightfield and Rob Hess decided to create a yoga tribe focused on living life to the fullest, bringing excitement to yoga, and celebrating community. Both Colin and Rob led popular yoga classes in the DC metropolitan area, and became friends through their shared love of the yoga practice. They envisioned a studio near the ocean that had a major music element, as well as offering a rich variety of vinyasa yoga practices and special events.


Colin Brightfield first moved to Ventura from Washington, D.C. in June 2012. Looking to build something new in Ventura, he immediately started offering yoga classes in Marina Park in Pierpont every morning at from 7am – 8am on weekdays and from 9am-10am on the weekends. He built signs and posters and spread the word around the neighborhood. Some days only a few people showed up to practice, and some mornings there was a legitimate crowd. Throughout, Colin was consistent and taught yoga to whomever came, building a grass roots yoga community starting with his neighbors in Pierpont.

When winter came around and the weather was less predictable, several of the regular park yoga practitioners offered their living rooms as practice spaces so that yoga could continue. At this point, Colin was leading 3 local donation classes per week at neighborhood homes while looking for spaces for a new yoga studio in Ventura.

Colin spent the winter months working hard to develop the yoga studio and secure an appropriate location for Jai Rhythm to call home. Rob Hess moved to Ventura in March 2013 to help Colin open the new Jai Rhythm Yoga studio in downtown. Together they managed the process of designing, building out and opening the doors of the studio on July 19, 2013 for the soft opening. The grand opening was on August 17, 2013 and Colin and Rob have been thrilled to be sharing their passion with the community ever since.