Jai Rhythm Yoga Left Off “Best Of Ventura” Ballot

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Jai Rhythm Yoga Left Off “Best Of Ventura” Ballot

July 16, 2014

Dear Ventura County Reporter,

I am disappointed and disheartened by the exclusion of Jai Rhythm Yoga in the drop-down list of choices in the Yoga Studio section in the current Best Of Ventura Vote sponsored by the Ventura County Reporter. It is difficult to understand how the Ventura County Reporter could omit adding a thriving yoga community and perhaps the busiest yoga studio in the county to the ballot.

Last year, within weeks of opening our doors, Jai Rhythm was selected by Ventura County Reporter as the Editor’s Pick for yoga studios. Why is that this year Jai Rhythm Yoga is not even included on the ballot but has to be written in for one to vote for us?

Keep in mind that when voting on your website, that it is much easier to simply select a name from the drop-down list of choices when compared to actually having to hand type in the name of the business for which you wish to vote. This inherently gives businesses that are already listed on the drop-down menu a significant advantage in acquiring votes, and eventually being selected as the winner of that category.

The choice to omit Jai Rhythm Yoga shows that the Ventura County Reporter Best Of Vote lacks legitimate connection to the community to which it claims to represent or there may be ulterior motives in how the Best Of List is selected and eventually which businesses enjoy the benefits of that selection.

Without representing all businesses fairly in the voting, how can the results of this voting be considered a truthful representation of what businesses in Ventura have to offer today? Jai Rhythm Yoga is not the only example of such oversight. Under Bowling Centers, the voting ballot still lists Ventura Bowling Center as an option in the drop-down menu, although this establishment no longer exists. Furthermore, it neglects to offer voters the option to select Discovery Bowling Center, a complete game-change in the entertainment scene in Ventura County.

What this Best Of Vote really shows is how out of touch the leaders of this publication are from their community and their unwillingness to allow new businesses in Ventura a chance to be seen or heard. We called the Ventura County Reporter asking to have our name added to the list on the drop-down menu. Their response was no, they cannot add our business to the drop-down list because this year they are only including businesses that have won in the past. We mentioned that we had been selected as the “Editor’s Pick” last year and we were told this was insufficient to garner us a ballot spot. If you are going to have a Best Of Vote, please make sure you include the most influential businesses in each sector no matter how many times they may have won in the past or not and how long they have been in business.

So it’s with a steady eye towards our past that the Ventura County Reporter claims to show us what’s best in the present and future. If those are the rules, shouldn’t we be calling this the “Best of the Past of Ventura County?” If truly we want to encourage local business and highlight the best in Ventura, maybe we could start by doing our best to make sure we are representing the actual business landscape of Ventura?

All I am asking is that we be honest with ourselves about what we are actually measuring. This is especially important if we are going to then apply these measurements to make broad claims about who is best. Instead of our local news publications widening the gap between what is real and unreal, I hope that in the future, they can work to close this gap and provide their readers and the Ventura community with true and accurate depictions of the community and the businesses that support it.

Colin Brightfield

Owner, Jai Rhythm Yoga

Link to Ballot:

Ventura County Reporter Best Of Ventura County Ballot

Note: You must place a vote in at least 20 different categories for your votes to be registered. You can write in any business name in the blank sections on the ballot.

Summer Solstice Celebration

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Summer Solstice Celebration

Our celebration will feature a full mala (cycle) of 108 of surya namaskars (sun salutations) outside at Promenade Park in Ventura, California along with Live Sitar and Drumming.

Be The Movement and embody the inner light of your yoga practice this Saturday as we celebrate the peak of the sun’s energy during the Summer Solstice. Connect to the radiant power of your yoga practice in this amazing community setting outside at the beach.

1116232_570134849709961_283357268_o (1)

Jai Rhythm Yoga teachers will each take turns leading the surya namaskars and we will have live sitar and drumming by our friends Evan and John during the practice.

Summer Solstice Celebration Details

  • 108 Surya Namaskars (Sun Salutation A)

  • Live Sitar and Drumming

  • Outside by the Beach and Surf at Promenade Park

  • 10am – 12pm

  • Donation event – please give what you can to cover park permits and compensate musicians

  • Please spread the word and bring your friends and family.

  • Try to arrive early so you have time to set up.

  • Make sure to bring a mat, towel and water.

Not sure where Promenade Park is?




We Got a New Sign

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We Got a New Sign

We are grateful for our new sign for Jai Rhythm Yoga. The process of getting our sign was a great reminder of patience and honoring the process of allowing things to unfold in their own time. We are fortunate for Vogue Signs for doing such an excellent job with the execution of the design, created by our designer Lisa Mendelow. This sign is an excellent reminder of the necessity of compromise and working together toward a shared goal. We hope this sign will inspire community and illuminate the practice of yoga in Ventura. Jai!

Yoga is Healthy Risk Taking

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Yoga is Healthy Risk Taking

Taking small risks in each asana when we practice yoga helps us learn to move beyond our often truncated version of reality. At certain moments, we come face to face with ourselves and our bodies, and we are given the opportunity to explore what happens when we breathe into these places. I have often wondered how I can become frightened or afraid while simply holding a pose and breathing. Eventually, if we keep practicing, we often see that what we were scared of in the first place dissolves with our presence and breath.

It amazes me at how much of a risk I can convince myself moving deeper into an asana can be. Yet, it’s this exact moment when we can take the risk to go over and beyond what we know that we open up to a new worldview. It’s this small act of risk taking, done again and again on our yoga mats, that translates into a broader spectrum of possibility in our lives. We begin to live more expansively, daring to dream ever larger. It’s through healthy risk taking on our yoga mats that we develop the capacity for courage in our lives.

New Classes for the New Year

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New Classes for the New Year

We’re thrilled to offer our community even more chances to practice and come together. The Community Class has shifted to 4:30pm instead of 5pm, and we have a new class on Fridays at 6pm. Also, new classes on Sundays at 4pm and Mondays 12:30pm-1:3pm. See you on your mat!

Community Class now 4:30pm – 5:30pm Fridays

New Classes:

Fridays 6-7:15pm Rhythm with Colin Brightfield

Sundays 4-5:15pm Rhythm with Rob Hess

Mondays 12:30-1:30pm Rhythm with Veronica Desoyza


The Power of a Beginner’s Mindset

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The Power of a Beginner’s Mindset

The mindset of a beginner is a valuable tool in our approach to yoga practice. As we move from asana to asana during our practice, we are constantly asked to reconcile the differences between our perceived reality and our actual current reality. We are confronted with this choice over and over again moving an asana practice – to identify with the stream of thoughts in our minds or to identify the the truth of our own breath, the truth of the sensations we are feeling, to stand in the reality, upright and calm. When we are able to suspend our preconceptions and create space in yoga practice, we can get a glimpse of insight – seeing things in a new way, often for the first time.

Since beginners often start with the mindset that they know nothing and have everything to learn, it provides a much needed advantage in learning and growth as we are able to quickly absorb knowledge through our experience instead of devising ways to resist our experience. Seth Godin writes, “Defenselessness is the best choice for those looking to grow.” And it is exactly this mindset that’s helpful in keeping us open-minded as we flow on our mats.

Without an idea of what the yoga practice “should” or “should not” be, beginners are free to move and breathe and have fun. I often have observed in my classes beginner students with a huge smile on their faces as they pant and sweat while experienced practitioners move through their practice as if it was drudgery, without connecting to the truth of the moment because they think they have already understood what they need to understand. It’s our willingness to not know, to admit “I don’t know,” that creates the opportunity for us to be present, to grow, to learn, and to be open to the mystery of life. Yoga has taught me that often what we ask is more important than getting answers, and being a beginner is a powerful attitude to embrace.

Learn to be a beginner again at our Foundation Series starting this Sunday, October 20 from 12pm-1:30pm at Jai Rhythm Yoga.


Boost Your Immune System with Heated Yoga

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Boost Your Immune System with Heated Yoga

The weather is beginning to shift, the days are getting shorter, and lots of people you know are beginning to get sick or colds. This is the time to get even more committed to your yoga practice. Regular yoga practice will stoke your immune system and so you are vibrant and healthy and able to enjoy all this season has to offer. Many of us have heard about the various benefits of yoga, but may not have really understood some of the deeper physiological boosts that are happening when you get on your mat. Recent research helps us understand more of what’s happening and can give us that extra motivational boost we need to keep coming back to our practice.

One of the benefits of exercise for our immune systems is the increase in body temperature, which inhibits bacteria from growing out of control. Just like your body runs a fever when you have an infection to fight bacteria, the increase in your body’s heat works the same way. This would also suggest that practicing flow styles of yoga in a heated room would aid in that anti-bacterial feature, not to mention the increased blood flow bringing even more oxygen with it.

Yoga bolsters your immune system at the genetic level, and these effects are almost immediate according to this latest study from the University of Oslo. ”There are rapid (within two hours of start of practice) and significant gene expression changes… during a comprehensive yoga program,” the research team writes in the study. “These data suggest that previously reported effects of yoga practices have an integral physiological component at the molecular level which is initiated immediately during practice and may form the basis for the long-term stable effects.”

Researchers first reported five years ago that practices such as yoga which elicit the “relaxation response” may have a long-term effect on gene expression. That’s the scientific term for whether a specific gene is “turned on,” meaning its protein or RNA product is being made. This latest study confirms those findings, links them to the body’s immune system, and suggests this effect may be instantaneous. So stay healthy this fall and winter season, be well and keep your immunity levels up by staying committed to your yoga practice.


Guest Teacher Braxton Rose Friday Night

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Guest Teacher Braxton Rose Friday Night

Celebrate community this Friday evening at 5pm with our community yogs class to benefit Surfrider with guest teacher Braxton Rose at Jai Rhythm Yoga. Braxton’s parents have become active members of the Jai Rhythm Yoga tribe, and now their son, Braxton, a yoga teacher visiting from Massachusetts will lead a class while he is in town visiting his family. We are excited to highlight our community and our yoga family in this special donation class. Check out Braxton’s bio below and see you on Friday evening.

Braxton is a 200hr certified teacher. He trained with Baron Baptiste and has been doing mentor work with Jordan Lashley based out of Massachusetts for over a year. I am in the process of completing a 500hr training with Claire Mcdonald and Gregor Singleton (ex Baptiste master teachers) who are based out of Massachusetts. He also trained in Yin Yoga and done work with Josh Summers. He’s am a LuLuLemon Ambassador in Dedham, MA and has been teaching for four years. His website is and he currently teaches exclusively at

Review by Jai Rhythm Student Kelly Hill

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Review by Jai Rhythm Student Kelly Hill

“Three words…Jai Rhythm rocks!!!  But I can’t stop at that…this studio is awesome.  It’s real-deal–you’ll be excited to come and you’ll leave feeling renewed.  Sometimes you’ll find the perfect flow, and sometimes you won’t.  And it’s all good.  Colin often says, “It’s called yoga practice, not yoga perfect.”  There’s no attitude at Jai Rhythm…the instructors are welcoming, calming, fun, funny, and real.  They are aware of the different levels of students in class and offer modifications for beginners as well as advanced students.  And it’s okay to tip over or look foolish without feeling like a fool (I know this first-hand!).

The bottom line is, they teach a serious class in a light-hearted way. Every detail of the studio is well thought out…room temp, music, sense of community (donation-based community class every Friday evening with proceeds donated to the local Surfrider chapter!), cleanliness of dressing rooms and bathrooms (there’s even a bowl of hair ties available in the women’s dressing room!), and they offer free mat rental if you ride your bike to class.  One of my favorite quotes that Rob says goes something like this,  ”If what you’re doing doesn’t make you smile, do something else.”  And that’s what keeps me coming back…with a constant smile.” – Kelly Hill, student at Jai Rhythm Yoga

Yoga Ruins Your Life

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Yoga Ruins Your Life

This is an inspiring video that sheds light on just how profound the transformation can be once you begin practicing yoga. It is often challenging for us to see these changes happening as we sweat through our practice on our mats day in and day out, but with practice the transformation is bound to happen. All it takes is commitment and time. As the founder of Ashtanga Yoga Sri K Pattabhi Jois said, “Practice, practice… and all is coming.” Thanks Yoga Workshop for creating such an effective presentation of yoga. When I visit Boulder, I’ll be sure to visit this community for a practice.

Yoga Ruins Your LIfe from Yoga Workshop on Vimeo.