Flow for Forty

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Our Flow for Forty program is designed for everyone.

This experience will help you cultivate a powerful and sustainable yoga practice.

We will support you and help you fully integrate the transformation yoga can bring into your life.

We know from experience that developing a consistent and regular yoga practice can be a challenge. We can all be great at inventing excuses not to practice, and then there’s busy schedules, work commitments and family responsibilities which all contribute to less time on our yoga mats.

This program gives us a chance to turn the tables and make our yoga practice a priority in our lives, and the space to watch and see what happens when we do.

To fully realize the benefits yoga practice can offer, we have to practice consistently for a sustained period of time. The writer of the Yoga Sutras, the sage Patanjali, explicitly states that for yoga practice to be effective, we need to practice without gaps for a long time. Getting to this point can be a tricky hurdle for newer students to get over, but once the student experiences what it feels like to have a consistent yoga practice, it is much easier to stay committed to it. Often just one taste of this experience, and we feel completely transformed and renewed. Are you ready to be transformed?

Program Details

The program consists of:

  • practicing yoga asana(poses) 6 days per week for forty days

  • minimum of 4 practices per week at the studio, always welcome to do more than that

  • 2 home practices per week if not done at the studio

  • 1 group meeting per week on Sundays 12-1pm with everyone in the program and the program leaders

  • fun, community support and guidance along every step of the way

A minimum of four practices per week must be at the studio, but you are always welcome to practice at the studio more often than that. In addition to 4 studio practices per week, you are asked to complete 2 home practices per week. We will guide you and help you set up a home practice with sequences you can do on your own. One day a week is reserved for rest.

Once a week on Sunday, there is a required one hour meeting from 12pm-1pm to:

  • Check in with everyone in the program, discuss how things are going

  • Share your experiences with your fellow practitioners and friends

  • Present and emphasize a different aspect of yoga each week and go over how to integrate these insights into your everyday life

Flow for Forty Weekly Session Outline

Week One 1/26/14: Program Launch

Week Two 2/2/14: Basic Principles of Yoga Alignment

Week Three: 2/9/14: How to Eat Well for Yoga Practice

Week Four 2/16/14: Meditation

Week Five 2/23/14: Ayurveda (Wholistic health system of yoga)

Week Six 3/2/14: Pranayama (Breathwork)

Week Seven 3/9/14: Closing Ceremony

Start Date

The Program begins on Sunday, January 26th with our Flow For Forty Launch at 12pm at the studio.


The investment is $335 which includes 6 weeks of unlimited yoga classes at Jai Rhythm Yoga, all support, meetings and training sessions, and additional learning materials.

If you already have an unlimited class package at Jai Rhythm Yoga and wish to use that package for the Flow for Forty program, the investment is  $135  to be part of the Flow for Forty Program. This includes everything in the program, support, meetings and training sessions, additional materials, but does not include unlimited yoga classes since you are using your existing class pass or package.

We can offer a payment plan with a deposit of $100 now, and the balance by February 20th. Please e-mail hello[at]jairhythm.com to set this up and make your deposit by using the payment form or see the front desk at the studio to make your deposit.

Sign Up

To sign up, select the Flow for Forty package that you wish to purchase, and complete the payment form.

Questions? Visit our Flow for Forty Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) Page