First Month Unlimited Yoga $49

Heard about Jai Rhythm Yoga? Interested in trying heated flow yoga with inspiring instructors and fun music? Come visit Jai Rhythm Yoga and take advantage of our First Month $49 Introduction Package. Enjoy an entire month at Jai Rhythm Yoga, take as many classes as you would like with any of our teachers and explore all of our offerings.


The Firth Month $49 Introduction Package can only be purchased in person at our studio location in Downtown Ventura, California and is available to each guest only once.

You can arrive before any of our classes to take advantage, drop ins are always welcome.

You can expedite the process by completing our waiver online here ahead of time, and you can even register for the class you intend to attend online on our Schedule Page here. 

We look forward to sharing our community with you. Thanks for your interest in our offerings. Namaste.