Sound & Soul

Father’s Day Special

JR | Sound Soul 6.15 Father's Day

Join Colin Brightfield and Torkom-Ji as they continue to evolve their yoga and sound healing project with a special Father’s Day session.

Sound and Soul emphasizes moving with awareness through fluid and dynamic asanas waves as well as unique 432Hz rhythms that calm your nervous system with your breath, movement and sound.

Colin will guide the practice into a deep relaxed meditation while Torkom takes us on a sonic journey designed to dissolve stress, open up your nervous system and release deeply held tension. Sound & Soul is a powerful practice that will help you move into deeper states of consciousness and relaxation and leave you feeling calm and clear.

This is an amazing experience and we are delighted to bring it to Jai Rhythm Yoga. Torkom-Ji specializes in sound vibration healing using the 432 Hz frequency – a frequency known for its origins in the vibrations of nature and the rhythms of the universe. Most of the music we hear today is tuned to 440 Hz, which is arbitrary and has no grounding in natural sound.

Learn more about 432 Hz here.

You can learn more about Torkom-Ji and his project on his website here.

Please spread the word and bring your friends. Feel free to bring your yoga mat, towels, cushions, pillows, blankets so that you can get cozy for your meditation. We hope to see you there!


$25 in advance, $30 day of the event

Father’s are half price, $12.50 in advance  $15 at the door


Use the payment form and select the appropriate “Sound & Soul Father’s Day” or “Sound & Soul Dad Special” from the drop down menu. Complete the required information form and you will be registered for the event.